day 1 reflection

Posted: June 20, 2011 by merryl in Uncategorized

what 3 words describe how you feel after day one of DREAM……and if you’re inclinded to write more: why those 3 words?!?!?!

  1. Charles Finn says:

    Excited, Energized, Adventurous

    I’m looking forward to leaping outside the box (prison)od my reading curriculum.

  2. L.G. says:

    Excitment, creative, and fun.

  3. arlene says:

    excited, enpowered,

    • Leandra Nunez says:

      I totally agree with feeling enpowered and this was the word I was looking for yesterday to describe what I was feeling!

  4. Kelly Crouthamel says:

    creative, happy, inspired

  5. Ramirez says:

    Confident, excited, and ready!

  6. Wes Sechrest says:


  7. rebecca vogel says:

    Inspired, hopeful, and engaged.

  8. Jennifer says:

    inspired, challenged, anxious

  9. Heather says:

    anxious, nervous, challenged

  10. Myrna Gonzalez says:

    Excited, energized, and committed. I feel committed to continue to do art which will bring energy and excitement to my every day curriculum.

  11. Leandra says:

    inspired, appreciative, enlightened

  12. Karanne Stark says:

    creative, learning, fun!

  13. Julie Romero says:

    Artsy, artistic, hopeful.

  14. Julie Brackx says:

    inspired, motivated, and excited!
    I am anxious to try out some of the things we learned today in our workshops while they are fresh in my mind.

  15. Lilly Ellefsen says:

    excited, curious, and motivated

  16. Debbie Seever says:

    Inspired, reflective, validated

  17. Christy says:

    Creative, enthusiastic, intrigued

  18. Monica says:

    excited, creative, artistic

  19. Jackie A says:

    Excited,looking forward to more ways to incorporate the arts and lots of fun!

  20. Nickie Rail says:

    inspired, connected, accepted

  21. Karol Bickel says:

    Exciting, fun, friendly

  22. Debbie says:


    I am finding this very interesting and wondering how many more great ideas will be comining my way this week. I am also intrigued by the lessons and the ability to capture my students’ attention and enthusiasm for language arts. And finally, I am constantly brainstorming ways of incorporating these ideas into my school year from the beginning, middle, to the end of the year.

  23. Donna Wilkins says:

    Refreshed, Energized & Excited!!!!!!

  24. Sara Wilson says:

    creative, excited, and ready!!

  25. Margaret Lyons says:

    engaged, emboldened, energized

  26. Patricia Johnson says:

    Inspired, interested, fun

  27. Liliana says:

    inspired, energized, excited
    Excited to incorporate these activities in classroom

  28. Shannon Russell says:

    excited, invigorated, enthusiastic

  29. Norma Rathgaber says:

    Eager to share what I have learned today with my colleagues.
    Excited with my new tools.
    Amazed that today we are addressing the one thing that was stressed by the administration this year–Engaging the students!!

  30. Jean Morris says:

    Recharging, engaging, encouraging

  31. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    Curious, engaged, committed

  32. Kathy Johns says:

    Interactive, engaging, thought-provoking

  33. Rosa M. Venegas says:

    Inspired, challanged, and artistic.

  34. bc says:

    Ready for tomorrow!
    Just three words?

  35. Jim Chapman says:

    Inspired, empowered, tired

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