Leadership with Raj

Posted: June 21, 2011 by merryl in Uncategorized

Post your connections to leadership, teaching, learning, and engaging learners here!

  1. Sarah says:

    I liked hearing about the EQ, emotional intelligence, and how creating an environment of self-awareness and positive motivation in the classroom can benefit my student’s learning.

  2. Karanne Stark says:

    I like the idea of having students create a higher “EQ”. I believe that students should be encouraged to develop these skills just as much as building their academic skills. As teachers we need to do this in order to create stronger and more effective generations to come.

  3. Sara says:

    All students need the opportunity to be a “leader” in the classroom. It is important that we provide a safe environment where students can allow all students to work on their leadership skills.

  4. Wes Sechrest says:

    Most of all have experienced all types of these characteristics for leaders. I believe a healthy balance of all traits and learning to adapt in each situation makes a good leader.

  5. Monica Duenas says:

    I like learning about EQ. In our group, we discussed how we teach our students a monthly character trait. This can help them make better connections to learning those traits and internalizing them more.

  6. Nickie Rail says:

    EQ is pretty interesting. It does feel like while IQ has been going up, EQ has been going down…

  7. Julie Romero says:

    I appreciated the elements of transformational leadership and see that this is how we create classrooms full of motivated and empowered learners. We need to be optimistic & confident, providing opportunities for success and then celebrations for them.
    I also loved the window & mirror idea: Look out the window to give credit, look in the mirror to take responsibility. We should all do this in all our relationships, professional and personal.

  8. Christy says:

    The topic of EQ was the focus of conversation in our group. We all feel that so many of our kids need more help learning about social skills and how to properly interact with other students. If they have the ability to use their resources, manage impulses and be aware of others and their feelings would help them not only become classroom leaders and followers.

    • bc says:

      EQ is definitely an observed high-need area in my opinion as well…And a great reminder for me to help myself as well as my students to recognize when we are doing a good job at these, i.e., self-regulating.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Students often shine when given leadership roles…some surprise us! It shows the importance of developing those ‘top ten’ skills/characteristics in our students.

  10. jim chapman says:

    The presentation affirmed what I have come to learn about leadership. More and more I realize that we are all called to be both leaders and followers at different times. I see that as being true for our students as well.

  11. Jean Morris says:

    EQ is what helps balance those that are book trained and constantly state, “Research shows…..” Making connects between research studies and real life practices provides for balanced leadership. You may not recognize leadership traits in someone, but boy do you know it when some are missing.

  12. Margaret Lyons says:

    It helps me to think about my role as a leader/teacher and the roles and responsibilities of my principal.

  13. Lisa says:

    Interesting thoughts for understanding our students, the way they think and what potential they may have as future leaders for our world……………we could be educating the next president of the United States… no pressure!

  14. Debbie and Liz says:

    Allowing students to perform or present in front of an audience or just their peers encourages the development of their EQ. The self confidence they develop can help prepare them to approach leadership opportunities in the future.

  15. The bottom line is that we spend waaaay more time with most students than their parents. With that said, I think that it is my responsibility to help our kids become better people, not only better students. I really enjoyed this afternoon’s speakers.

  16. sandra says:

    I had never heard of emotional intelligence. It was great to learn what that was. As teachers we need to educate our students in this area. I think it will make them better people and they will be able to handle situations at school easier.

  17. Heather says:

    Raj was a very enthusiastic presenter. I think all kids have the desire to be leaders but some have the natural ability. It is our job as teachers to give them the tools and knowledge to be both follwers and leaders at time of their ‘”natural talents”.

  18. Jackie Algazi says:

    Leadership is a crucial skill for adults and children to have. As I help develop student teachers, it really helped me think of ways to help them better and more efficiently making them better leaders in their classrooms. I love the thought of students learning leadership skills to develop better as long time learners and risk takers in the classroom as well as in life with more confidence. She is an amazing speaker, she has great enthusiasm in what she talks about.

  19. Barbara Jackson says:

    It is our responsibility to help students to improve the abilities to become a leader. After all they are the next generation!

  20. Julie Brackx says:

    I enjoyed listening to Raj very much. We as educators need to think about our own role as leaders. What type are we? What type of leader is your principal? I also found the mention of EQ quite interesting.

  21. bc says:

    I think it would be most beneficial to teach the qualities of a great leader one at a time with characters through high-quality literature and also by having students identify how they are using the skill or seeing it used in their own worlds. I use the frame, “I used the life-skill of _____ when I ____.”

  22. Liliana Gonzalez says:

    Leadership skills are essential to develop in the classroom. Her presentation was very informative. Also it is important to remember to sharpen our leadership skills to change the face of education.

  23. Patricia Johnson says:

    Raj was delightful! I think she should speak to administrators/ principals throughout the County. I also liked the windows/doors ideas- for giving credit and taking responsibility. This was wisdom for teachers and something to pass on to our students.

  24. Charles Finn says:

    We need to explicitly teach some of the leadership traits to our students – help them practice! We constantly require students to work in groups, but seldom show them how. There’s more to being the leader than tattling to the teacher when someone is off task, or bossing everyone around. By making positive leadership traits explicit, we can help students evaluate and improve their skills.

  25. donna wilkins says:

    To help engage a learner is to help them to understand their leadership role. For example, when students are paired to partner read, it helps them stay engaged if they understand their role, which is to be an active listener and participant.

    Comic strips help visual learners connect with the story. I loved the way Greg showed how to make a face using only three dots, draw any shape around them, and use lines to make the eyebrows to show facial expressions. This easy for students to do on their own.

  26. Norma Rathgaber says:

    Raj’s presentation really hit home for me. It reminded me of how this year turned out for me. It was a bad year, and blame it on my lack of confidence. Although I had always been a confident teacher, this year I felt intimidated by a couple of high maintenance parents. Consequently, my students took advantage of the situation. I finally turned the year around “somewhat” in March. I made a decision from listening to Raj’s presentation today. I will not allow anyone to affect my confidence as a leader again.

  27. Kathy Johns says:

    She was extremely motivating and enthusiastic! I loved thinking about the different styles of leadership, and the idea that men and women have different strengths and ways of leading. I am challenged to come up with ways to encourage leadership in the classroom, and to evaluate my own leadership in the classroom as well as in my grade level!

  28. Rosa M. Venegas says:

    I was surprised with all the elements that make up a good leader and how we (the followers) can influence them. Raj showed an apps about leadership and mentioned there wouldn’t be a need for her expertise, yet her animated method of speaking is very influencial and inspiring. Giving our students the tools to become good leaders, would impower them to believe there is a possiblity for them to hold that type of position in their future.

  29. Rebecca Vogel says:

    One thing Raj reminded me of was emotional intelligence. I believe that it is essential for teachers to know about EQ in order to help us deal with parents, administration, teachers and children more effectively.

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