Wednesday! Good Morning Dreamers!

Posted: June 22, 2011 by merryl in Summer Institute, Uncategorized

Good morning DREAMers!  I’m feeling great!  How are you feeling?!  You all have a lot of energy and enthusiasm!  It is so much fun to be in the workshop with all of you.  Today is going to be another great DREAM day!  This morning we’ll touch on assessment, then continue the workshops – then during the break we’ll have a little time to actually  read through and respond to the blogs.  This afternoon we have DREAM alumni coming in to help you create the outlines for 2 lesson plans – one integrating theater and reading – and one integrating visual arts and reading activities.  Then – a visit with Kim Rhodes.  And, of course…there will be chocolate!  So….what has surprised, challenged, or touched you so far this week?!  Maybe something about engaging students..or something about your own learning?!  Maybe you feel a sense of empowerment or renewal combined with the ying yang of the confines (or perceived confines) of your school district’s approach to teaching and learning?!  Looking forward to your responses!

  1. Charles Finn says:

    The realization that I used to spend a great deal of time on the arts with my students, and just how far away I’ve drifted from what I know was effective in the name of embracing “improvement” programs, is thoroughly depressing. It seems the harder we remediate the more we need to… This week has been both a renewal and a wake-up call.

  2. Lawrence says:

    I have enjoyed the hand on projects and active involvement. The laser focus on passing the test has pushed so much of this out. It is inspiring to be encouraged to integrate the arts back into my classroom.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am surprised every morning by that $^%%*&^* alarm clock! However, here at the DREAM workshop, I am challenged by my own perceived lack of artistic talent, but am inspired to keep on trying….

    • Myrna Gonzalez says:

      Me too!!!!! But once I get here I’m energized and ready to go and have fun! 🙂

    • Charles Finn says:

      Oh, I’m totally with you on the alarm clock! As to the other, I learned a long time ago that art doesn’t require talent. There are skills anyone can master, and they are enough to get you through. I mean, who aspires to be a new Michaelangelo or Leonardo? I’m content if the kids can figure out what it was I drew, and don’t laugh too much. 😉

  4. Karanne Stark says:

    I have been surprised to see how easily you can connect the performing arts with the reading standards. For example, all of the ones we did yesterday during our group rotations. I look forward to using some of these new activities in my classroom next year.

  5. Debbie says:

    Being at a program improvement school, there is such a huge push to bring those scores up. The problem is the kids are tested out already! It is a huge risk to use arts activities when their scores aren’t where the state wants them to be. We have traditionally saved these til after testing is over, my favorite part of the year!

    • Myrna Gonzalez says:

      I am at a program improvement school too, but don’t get discouraged. I try to at least do an art project at least once a month. I do this after lunch. I try very hard not to let go of my passion “The Arts”. This “Dream” institute is giving me the empowerment to do/use the arts to help me through my curriculum. 🙂

      • Charles Finn says:

        I’m at a PI school in a PI district -and I feel the same pressure to spend class time in direct instruction, and save the arts for after STAR is over. I think the DREAM focus on is the key to getting your principal on board. If the kids are actively involved in reading and discussing, their comprehension skills are going to go way up. After the course is over, I plan on xeroxing the research section for my boss…

  6. Heather says:

    I have been taken far out of my comfort zone this week, but it has been rewarding. I have enjoyed “learning” how to teach the arts again and look forward to finding more ways to integrate this into my classroom. It has been a reminder of just how important arts is in education.

  7. Lisa says:

    I have enjoyed all the the presentations, speakers and information received, so far. Looking forward to the rest of the week……………..

    • cramirez1 says:

      Hopefully, we will be able to work together, next year. If it happens, let’s collaborate and incorporate more theater into our weekly work schedule. You are the best, Lisa!!!!

  8. Monica says:

    I have really enjoyed the visual arts workshops. I feel that I can use what I learned to add some extension activities to the stories I teach in class.

  9. Rosa says:

    I am becoming a little more confident in the arena of Theater. I am having lots of fun with the Visual Activities section.

    • Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

      It’s all about confidence isn’t it!
      I think that I am feeling much more confident about teaching the arts and it is only Wednesday morning!

  10. Barbara Jackson says:

    I was surprised that I really didn’t mind getting up and acting. I thought I related to Clementine, but once I did the acting I am not sure. It was rather fun!!! I also have totally enjoyed the visual arts because I have learned many things that I will apply in my classroom as soon as school begins. Very exciting!!!!

  11. Wes Sechrest says:

    That it won’t be that hard to fit in some of the strategies here. While it might be classified as “artsy”, it can tie in to comprehension strategies such as main idea, sequencing, character analysis, and inference.

  12. J.L. says:

    Fortunately, I teach at a charter school that allows me to use multimedia activities, projects, art, etc. in my everyday lessons. These activities are actually encouraged.

    • Myrna Gonzalez says:

      Yippee!!!! It’s nice to know that there are still schools that allow children’s creativity to shine. Super Star Whoosh…. 🙂

  13. Rebecca Vogel says:

    This morning my babies asked me if I was going to work again. Am I???? No! I told them that I am so lucky to be apart of an amazing group of people who LOVE kids and teaching and are learning how to integrate the arts into our everyday lessons. I am thrilled to be apart of this group which will greatly impact my students in a positive way.

  14. Sara says:

    I am glad that we are becoming familiar with the VAPA standards and learning ways to incorporate them into our day with what we are already doing. I know the students will love doing more art and theatre-I hope I al ready to add them to our schedule!!

  15. Jackie Algazi says:

    This workshop renews my commitment to the Arts as a tool for all subjects in class. I already do some art in class but I intend to bring more art to class especially acting and plays! I feel energized and positive!

  16. Julie Brackx says:

    I have enjoyed the hands-on activities, especially the tri-orama scene yesterday. I was surprised with my portrait drawing. Drawing is not one of my strong suits, but that drawing for me, turned out pretty well. It was a big shock after my less than stellar drawings from Monday!

  17. Kathy Johns says:

    Over the last several years, my enthusiasm for teaching has slowly declined. I really am excited about integrating the arts into my lessons. I think it will make a huge difference for me, which I know will trickle down to my students.

  18. Margaret Lyons says:

    I have learned many new things to use in my classroom. Some of the things that I am not comfortable doing (art, drama) are the things most kids love. So this week is showing me how to work these in often more easily.

    • Kathy Johns says:

      I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next year. Maybe we can work together some!
      Your neighbor

  19. Christy says:

    My favorite activities so far have been in the visual arts. I am more comfortable in this area. However, it surprised me that my students would probably learn more content, using performing arts, after the activities we practiced yesterday.

    • Myrna Gonzalez says:

      Sooo true!!!!! I am very comfortable in the visual arts too, but it is amazing how much more comfortable I feel using the performing arts and I will definitely be using it more in my classroom. Super Star whoosh…. to our theater art teachers! 🙂

  20. Rosa M. Venegas says:

    I am excited to implement what I’ve learned to keep learning fun and interesting for my students while teaching the standards.

  21. Myrna Gonzalez says:

    These few couple of days have been inspirational! Why, you might ask because it justifies me doing art in my classroom. I feel that many times I have to justify doing the arts in my classroom, but now I feel empowered. Now I know that it is “the law” and we should be doing art. It helps students. I am proud to say that annually we have a night of the arts and the students put on a play and we have an art gallery. It’s an amazing night that students, teachers, and parents enjoy!!! Yippee! The arts are empowering. 🙂

  22. ap says:

    looking forward to taking all of these wonderful activities back to the classroom!

  23. cramirez1 says:

    Excited to be here! Yay!

  24. Leandra Nunez says:

    I think I’m most surprised that I’m actually enjoying acting out and trying the ideas being shared by our coaches. I normally CAN’T STAND doing these types of things, but it’s been fun and I keep thinking that my kids will LOVE trying these ideas out as well. I’m eager to create a classroom norm that includes “warm ups” and impliment some of the ideas shared in this workshop!

  25. Julie Romero says:

    I realize that its a blessing that I’ve been able to work in a district that has encouraged arts integration. Coming to this institute reminds me to be thankful for that and it just gives me even more ideas that I hope to use with my students. And while some of the activities are repetitive for me (because I was so involved in SUAVE & VAPA for so long) its still good for me as I’ve forgotten some of it along the way. The guest speakers and the videos we’ve watched have been inspiring.

  26. Patricia Johnson says:

    I have enjoyed everything we have learned and experienced. I am looking forward to getting back to the classroom and integrating this into the program. What I have learned is engaging and fun. Teaching has become more and more rigid and I think it will be fun to bring some fun back into teaching and into the classroom.

  27. Elaine says:

    I was thrilled to see that San Diego City has reinstated all of their arts and music teachers that were pink slipped this spring. Obviously they see the value in maintaining their arts programs. This Institute reminds me of just how critical inclusion of the arts is to a well-rounded education.

  28. Sarah says:

    I have really enjoyed the visual arts projects. I can see myself using these project ideas and incorporating them into the activities I do with stories.

  29. sandy says:

    Theater does not come easy for me. I’ve been surprised as to how I can integrate this form of art into reading lessons. I’m excited to plan some lessons using the theater activities we have learned this week. I’ve already called some of my grade lever team members to share some of the awesome activities we have done here.

  30. Fernando says:

    I am excited to use what I have been learning with my ELD students. I am sure these activities will help them move beond their silent period quicker. These activities are great for overcoming shyness and insecurity.

  31. bc says:

    It’s awesome to awaken the dormant artist within once more! I had been feeling a bit lost and unsure how much longer I could endure the micro-managing of my career. Now…I feel renewed and more equipped than ever to integrate the arts. I started playing guitar again and wrote 2 new songs after Day 1. I know I’ll probably never play them exactly as I did, but that’s okay. Reading the lyrics on a favorite vinyl last night, I noticed they were handwritten originals. It was so cool to see that there was no editing/revision obvious in the first song, but by the final song (in my opinion, the best one) there were so many scribbles and revisions, it was nearly illegible. Listening along, I noticed the songs had morphed again. So everything grows, always. So do we.

  32. Kathleen says:

    With the focus on testing I’ve lost some of the joy of teaching. The hands on art and drama does help the children to learn in a deeper way and it brings back the love of learning back into my classroom. The leadership ideas from Dr. Raz will help me to be a better leader with my students, and hopefully I will be able to share and lead with my staff in including arts in the class many times a week.

  33. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    As a new teacher I can see that this is a huge commitment–making time for the arts in the classroom. I feel blessed to be involved with the DREAM Institute—like I am starting off on the right foot!

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