Whatcha thinking?! mid-week reflection

Posted: June 22, 2011 by merryl in Uncategorized

Hi all!  Here’s your opportunity to reflect on the week so far….so, whatcha thinking?!

  1. Julie Brackx says:

    Midweek, I am thinking… “Wow!” I have learned some great stuff to bring back to my class. I especially liked making the puppets today. I managed to get 2 done! I also know I need to keep saving toilet paper tubes…

  2. Kathy Johns says:

    I’m thinking of ways to break down what we did today into smaller pieces, that I can build on. I want to avoid confusion and chaos and think it might be best in both the drama and visual arts to break it into small chunks.

  3. Charles Finn says:

    I have two threads running through my mind: 1. there aren’t nearly enough minutes in the day to do all the things I need/want to do, and 2. I need some ideas about how to get my principal on board. She’s a devotee of “direct instruction” and has even questioned the value of silent reading time in the classroom!

  4. Julie Romero says:

    I’d like to present my kids with more choice, more open-ended assignments that allow for their creativity. For instance, I thought that instead of our usual book report format, I could give some new possibilities, including making a triorama of a scene of the story, or making a puppet of a character, or something else along those lines.

  5. Leandra Nunez says:

    I’m thinking that I don’t want to forget what I’m learning and am super eager to try it ALL out on my kids! I’m truly amazed at all the great, yet simple ways to bring the arts into the classroom.

  6. donna says:

    It’s midweek and I can’t believe all of the fun activities I have been exposed to which I will be able to use in the classroom. Thanks!!!

  7. Wes Sechrest says:

    A lot of ideas so far. I know that most of this will be things I can incorporate later on in the school year. I hope it can take some of the kids out of their comfort zone and expose them to things outside their small world.

  8. Sara says:

    This week has been great so far. I have learned many things that I can bring back to the classroom and apply.

  9. Karanne Stark says:

    So far, so good. I have been enjoying all of the activities we have learned in both visual and performing arts. The wheels are turning to figure out how to incorporate as much of these engaging activities as possible in my classroom next year. I think the a huge part of the fun has been working with my colleagues and being creative with them.

  10. Christy says:

    It’s been an interesting week so far. Some things I feel I can incorporate easily into the school day and others not as well. I hope I can use some of these activities and bring myself out of my own comfort zone.

  11. Monica says:

    I’ve learned a lot of things to bring back to my classroom this week. I’m excited to incorporate more art lessons and connect them to the reading standards from our curriculum stories.

  12. cramirez says:

    I’ve been teaching for twelve years, and I’ve been to many workshops. Nonethess, this is the best one… by far!!! There hasn’t been a dull moment. I’m enjoying every presentation, and I look forward to the next couple of days. =)

  13. Diane says:

    I can’t believe we’ve only been here 3 days. We’ve done/learned so much! I can’t wait to try the theatre activities and the visual arts projects. There are so many directions we can travel with all of this!

  14. Debbie says:

    I have some good ideas for next year. I hope I remember them in August!

  15. L.G. says:

    I have learned a lot in three days. Thanks!

  16. Myrna Gonzalez says:

    Love it, love it , love it! Thank you for bringing back joy into teaching! Yippee. 🙂

  17. Rosa says:

    Today’s presenter, made me realize that there is more to Reader’s Theater, than practicing lines and performing.
    It was a great experience!

  18. Rebecca Vogel says:

    I’m just thinking about how much more richer my curriculum can become by implementing the things we are learning. I am lucky as I have an administrator who will let me “do what I do” as long as I can back it up. Now it is time to find the research to support my learning.

  19. bc says:

    We know how to do it and how important it is to bring our kids more opportunities to use their creativity and ignite their passion for learning. Now we just need to do it more. It can be scary, but advocating for our kids and seeing them come alive is the most rewarding experience a teacher could ask for.

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