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Posted: June 24, 2011 by merryl in Uncategorized

Hi all….here’s your afternoon prompt:

what will you be taking away from the institute in addition to the activities?!

  1. Barbara Jackson says:

    That visual or performing arts can be done by all and in any reading situation and not take as much time as you think. It can be as simple as a tableu or as intensive as a puppet show.

  2. Heather says:

    I think that I was surprised at just how easy and fun it can be to incorporate these ideas. I figure if I can be taken out of my comfort zone and do it so can all of my kids.

  3. Wes Sechrest says:

    It is easier than I originally had thought–(to incorporate visual and theater activities)

  4. Jennifer says:

    I will take away that it’s easier to implement art standards into other subject areas than we often think. I think we think too much about ‘it’ and expect perfection, when it can be simple and powerful at the same time.

  5. Diane says:

    Friendships, ideas, a growing level of confidence, a greater appreciation for the arts and the role it plays in educating our students, possibilities, possibilities, possibilities!!!

  6. Karanne Stark says:

    I am taking away a more in depth understanding of the VPA Standards and how they can be incorporated in our everyday instruction; specifically, with my ELA lessons.

  7. Sarah says:

    I am leaving here today with a better understanding of both the visual and performing arts. I have looked deeper into the state standards and and am more aware of their importance in the classroom. I am looking forward to incorporating them into lessons!

  8. Jackie Algazi says:

    I will take from this workshop many things. A bigger confidence in creating a play, several acting warm up exercises that can be used before testing or just to wake up the kids. How to be a better director. Organizing and creating a set( might make it simpler for the kids so it doesn’t take as long). Lots of amazing input from all the great presenters! a bigger commitment to the arts as time aloud.

  9. Barbara Jackson says:

    I am taking with me the belief that no matter what my lesson objective is I can use art education to help me get to it. Art will bring the lesson to life, give them more oppertunitie to make connections to prior knowledge and stimulate criativity.

  10. Leandra Nunez says:

    I’m actually taking away a new found confidence in both theatre and visual arts…well, I really never had any confidence…now I have a little! This institute has really opened my eyes to the surface of the arts. I had no idea how much goes into productions and all actors do. It’s exciting to learn some techniques in a simple fashion and be able to take these new skills back to the classroom. I feel like a fire has been lit in my heart and I want to gain even more inforamtion and be able to share it with my students.

  11. cramirez says:

    Some of the things I’m taking from this institute in addition to the activities are the friendships, and a greater appreciation for theater and the visual arts!

  12. Lisa says:

    The hope that the teachers that participate in this program will continue to feel compelled to include the passion and desire to inspire their students, as if they were walking into the classroom on the first day they completed their initial education. The innocence of a child can carry alot weight with the students we teach……..to the future!

  13. Sara says:

    How to integrate arts and theater into what we are already doing in ELA!!

  14. Monica says:

    I am more confident in integrating the arts into the essential standards that I am required to teach. I think my students will benefit greatly from all the extension activities that I will be incorporating next school year.

  15. bc says:

    I will be taking away more passion and skills to advocate for group processes, fun challenges, and an appreciation for arts. I want to help my kids develop their ability to communicate their own stories and also their artistic perceptions of things in their worlds. I find it amazing how much we can learn through the group process alone. It’s cool how the synergy of the group is effected when the members change in any way.

  16. Lgg says:

    Energy and enthusiasm to incorporate the arts into LA.

  17. Jean Morris says:

    As educators, we are competing against video game graphics to get and keep students’ attention. Instead of us applying the arts to ourselves to grab attention, I will be encouraging the students to 1) learn the skills of the arts, to 2) apply to curriculum, so 3) learning takes place! (applause goes here).

  18. Shannon says:

    I now have a renewed passion for integrating the visual and performing arts standards into my language arts program. I was always trying to, but now I know better how to do so!

  19. ap says:

    excitment, passion, confidence

    Knowing I can do some of these activities without spending too much time on them

  20. Myrna Gonzalez says:

    A lot of things will be taken back to my classroom! I was scared about when I was going to have the time to integrate more art, but now I know that “It’s the Law” and that it is okay for my students and myself to do the arts. I’m energized and empowered!!!! 🙂

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I know that I am going to take away a sense of confidence, in teaching the arts, that I did not remotely possess 5 days ago. I have so many great ideas to start the year off on a great foot!

  22. Charles Finn says:

    I’m taking away a renewed sense of purpose, and the empowered feeling that comes from having a research base to support doing something different. I’m also taking away the support from my new friends and colleagues with whom I can share ideas and sympathetic shoulders when things get frustrating.

  23. Mary Raymond says:

    I have learned so much from this week’s institue. I have plans to enhance my curriculum with most of the activities we did. Thank you, thank you.

  24. sandy says:

    I am just thrilled that I get to have a coach. Next school year is going to be so much fun.

  25. Debbie says:

    I am taking a lot of information out of the institute. But mainly I will be looking for, either through the visual arts or performing arts, ways to integrate the stories in the anthologies. I will be making an effort to figure out at least one activity to add to the teaching each story.

  26. Rebecca Vogel says:

    This institute enabled me to interact with new people. Some of whom I will continue to network with over the course of my career.

  27. Nickie Rail says:

    I am taking away from the instute the belief that it might actually be possible to integrate the arts in my classroom… even with my strict pacing guides and instructional time mandates… I hope!!! =)

  28. Barbara Jackson says:

    I will be taking away many wonderful ideas to use in the classroom, a liitle more confidence in teaching and performing in my class, and lots of memories. Thanks for everything.

  29. Julie Romero says:

    I really just want to do something arts-related for every story next year. I see that it doesn’t have to be a huge project, just one lesson from one of the VAPA strands that ties into the story and enhances student learning. I imagine that school will be fun again!

  30. Lawrence says:

    I will use Clementine as a read aloud at the start of the school year. It is a great 3rd grade chapter book, that so many can read on their own. I will use the warm-up theater games to break the ice with students at the start of the school year and to encourage them to use their voice. I was inspired by Kim’s presentation. I brought to light the importance of critical thinking in the arts in general and in building a character specifically. I loved the insight into the work of the illustrator of books and how the illustrator add to a story.

  31. Margaret says:

    I definitely feel more prepared to approach the arts in my curriculum. Although I never have felt comfortable personally drawing or performing, I found that I can do ok, especially within the comfort of a group. The fact that most kids love the arts helps me commit to doing this even more. I just need to restructure a little to make sure that everything fits!

  32. Kathy Johns says:

    I am still thinking about the idea that the arts are a way to give children a voice in a way nothing else can. i can think of a few students in particular who might have really blossomed if they had had the opportunity to engage more in the arts. I am determined to make this happen this year!

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