3 word reflections from day 1

Posted: June 24, 2013 by merryl in Uncategorized

enlightened, enthusiastic, elated

creative, engaging, inspiring

grateful, enthusiastic, eager

informative, energizing, envigorating

creative, energized, excited

fun, energized, hope

refresh, renew, rediscover

eager, exciting, motivated

enthusiastic, engaged, fun

interesting, enjoyable, curious

excited, interested, intrigued

excited, artsy, energized

creative, integration, inclusive

engaged, excited, interesting

useful, engaging, fun

encouraged, stimulated, positive

reinvigorated, excited, nervous

excited, fun, energized

passionate, exciting, educational

energized, excited, enlightened

inspired, excited, educated

energized, positive, creative

soothing, out of the box (comfort zone) excitement

expression, interpretation, illustration

informative, creative, new

vision, do-able, fun

inspiration, encouragement, friendships

fun, engaging, memorable

excited, empowered, enthusiastic


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