DAY 1 Summer 2013 cohort: What has resonated with you today?!

Posted: June 24, 2013 by merryl in Uncategorized

You have engaged in visual arts and theater activities, and seen a fun video with a guy named Matt dancing around the world.  You have thought about a top ten list and you’ve engaged in discussions concerning visual literacy, common core, and arts standards….

What stands out?!  What questions do you have?  Any light bulbs going on?!

  1. Jose Luis Maldonado says:

    Hi Merryl, what really stands out for me is your enthusiasm about teaching the common core reading standards through the arts. It’s contagious. I really find the Clementine theme very exciting. And thank you because instead of questions today, I found answers about activities that I can actually implement in my classroom to begin working on those standards. My bulb did light up many times because the learning activities gave me other ideas. They were like a spring board to make creativity within my reach. I appreciate you and your team.

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