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Good morning DREAMers!  I’m feeling great!  How are you feeling?!  You all have a lot of energy and enthusiasm!  It is so much fun to be in the workshop with all of you.  Today is going to be another great DREAM day!  This morning we’ll touch on assessment, then continue the workshops – then during the break we’ll have a little time to actually  read through and respond to the blogs.  This afternoon we have DREAM alumni coming in to help you create the outlines for 2 lesson plans – one integrating theater and reading – and one integrating visual arts and reading activities.  Then – a visit with Kim Rhodes.  And, of course…there will be chocolate!  So….what has surprised, challenged, or touched you so far this week?!  Maybe something about engaging students..or something about your own learning?!  Maybe you feel a sense of empowerment or renewal combined with the ying yang of the confines (or perceived confines) of your school district’s approach to teaching and learning?!  Looking forward to your responses!