Common Core, Title I and Arts Integration

Arts Integation is a wonderful fit for reaching the goals of Title I.  Arts integration is a natural fit for implementing the Common Core.  Check out our chart outlining the connections between and among Title I, Common Core, and the VAPA standards for 3rd and 4th grade in visual arts and theater alongside the Common Core language arts anchor standards.

title I common core and the arts chart

here’s a chart with the guiding principles of Common Core side by side with the guiding principles of VAPA standards!

GuidingPrinciples CC and VAPA(2)

Powerpoint from Kickstart 2014 on Arts as text/arts integration/arts education, common core and title 1!

KickstART 2014

Here’a powerpoint that will help you plan an arts integration lesson from start to finish!  Arts Integration planning guide (arts integration visual planner):

Arts Integration visual planner

STEM to STEAM with Common Core in national PTA magazine:


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