DREAM Research and articles


  • CSUSM newscenter: reports on DREAM research and program (includes links to other articles and video):


  • DREAM presentation PPT at DOE convening in Washington D.C. March 2012:

DOE March Meeting 2012

  • DREAM on the California Alliance for Education website; blog by merryl focuses on how 10 years of NCLB has effected students, many of whom are now in college and why DREAM is so important to the current generation of kids.
  • http://www.artsed411.org/blog/2014/01/dreams_educatio
  • NAESP (National Association of School Principals) article in their national journal: The Arts as a Bridge to Literacy (Sept/Oct. 2013) article by Meredith Barnett – great DREAM mention – and open in PDF format for great graphics too:


  • NAESP (National Association of School Principals) special issue on arts education 2012 with Crayola – great DREAM mention on page 13:


Merryl’s Book:

Goldberg, M. (2012). Arts Integration: Teaching subject matter through the arts in multicultural settings 4th  edition. N.Y.: Pearson Education.

Book Chapters

Goldberg, M. (2013). “Arts Infused pedagogy” chapter in Always Wondering, Critical Explorers press, Cambridge, MA.

Goldberg, M. (2012). “The Arts as Language: Invention, Identity, and Learning,” chapter in honor of Carol Chomsky: London, Oxford University press.

  • SDCOE DREAM website:


  • Sara Pennypacker’s blog on DREAM from the perspective of a noted children’s book author:


DREAM research reports

DREAM 201011 year-end report 9 21 12


  • Webcast of press conference:



  • DOE article on federal website (includes video); great 1 page executive summary of the research (though might be embedded now in their site:


IRB Information Sheet for Parents Spanish

IRB Information Sheet for Parents English

4th grade vocab quiz

3rd grade vocab quiz


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