Lesson Plans 3rd Grade 2010/2011

Hello DREAM Teachers! Please find below links to shared 3rd grade lesson plans:

  1. Any story Theater Hui
  2. Any story Theater McElliott
  3. Ballad of Mulan & Waterfall Theatre Johnston
  4. Born to Rope Theatre Cantrall
  5. Dancing Rainbows Theater Williams
  6. Dogzilla Kat Kong Theater Swift
  7. Dogzilla Theater Gans
  8. Island of the Blue Dolphin Theater Haeberlein
  9. Keeping Quilt Theater Schall
  10. Keeping Quilt Theater Schulman
  11. Keeping Quilt Theater Visual Art Engstrom
  12. Lost & Found Puppets Younce
  13. Lost & Found Theater Sima
  14. Mysterious Giant of Barletta Theatre Biggs
  15. Talented Clementine Puppets Kearney-Williams
  16. Talking Cloth Visual Art Fleming
  17. Talking Cloth Visual Art Saunders
  18. The Mysterious Giant of Barletta Visual Art Eaton
  19. Waterfall Visual Art Alva
  20. Vocabulary and theatre – Hui
  21. Visual art and Yunmi and Halmoni – McElliott
  22. Visual art and Two Days in May – Swift
  23. Visual art and Thundercake – Younce
  24. Visual art and Seal Surfer -Algazi
  25. Visual art and Seal Surfer – Everett
  26. Visual art and NIGHTS OF THE PUFFLINGS – Holzbauer
  27. Visual art and Last Dragon – Maiorano
  28. Visual art and Frida Kahlo – deleon
  29. Visual art and Across the Wide Dark Sea – Biggs
  30. Theatre and Two Days in May – Fleming
  31. Theatre and Sing to the Stars – Quarrie
  32. Theatre and Seal Surfer – Willilams
  33. Theatre and Mysterious Giant of Barletta – Alva
  34. Theatre and Across the Wide Sea – Algazi
  35. Theater and Last Dragon – Henig
  36. Puppets and Raising Dragons-Clementine – Williams
  37. Puppets and Raising Dragons and Magician’s Nephew – Saunders
  38. Frida Kahlo 2 – Deleon
  39. Frida Kahlo – Deleon

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