summer institute 2013

theater Exercise Bank  (judy’s cheat sheets)

DREAM Summer Institute Schedule 2013

arts-integration-goldberg dream 2013  (PPT day 1 goldberg)

dream research summer institute 2013  (PPT day 2 goldberg)

DREAM assessment institute 2013  (PPT day3 goldberg)

vapa mini standards K 5 (here’s the mini version K-5 VAPA key standards as well as connections across the curriculum)  (link to full VAPA standards pre-K- 12)  Here is the link to the 6 word NPR Race card Project

visual literacy Marla DREAM6 24 13 (Laurie’s PPT day 1)

laurie Illustration as art all pages

laurie vis lit charac analysis DREAM 6 26 13

shani Critique and Revision 2nd drafts

Shani Generic Portrait pgs-1

shani Peer Critique Feedback Form summer2013

shani Summer Institute2013 Critique Form


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