Bring the DREAM home: workshops for schools and districts

DREAM has several workshops and presentations available to schools and districts facilitated by DREAM staff and artists. Onsite Workshops for your school and/or district can be organized and catered to meet the needs of your specific sites and grade levels. Workshops are available for staff days, minimum days, or afterschool. Multi-day institutes are also possible. Prices for workshops depend on length and scope and can range from $250 – $1000 locally (travel added for out-of-San Diego county or state). For more information on workshops please contact Merryl Goldberg at

Here is a listing of several of our available workshops:

DREAM Overview and results
Integrating Visual Arts and Reading
Project based learning and Arts integration
Integrating theater with reading
Puppetry and arts integration
Visual arts techniques for elementary school teachers
Arts integration and ELL
Arts integration and common core
Arts integration and assessment
Visual literacy and its role in reading
What research says about arts integration
Culturally and linguistically responsive strategies for interdisciplinary learning
Theater for English language learners


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